This trip was one of my most memorable trips so much fun and hilarious moments. Tunisia was mind blowing we had fun from the moment we arrived at Tunis–Carthage airport. Our hotel was about a 20-minute ride from the airport the Taxi driver charged us a lot of money assuming we were loaded 😹😹. ACCOMODATION We stayed in a decent modest 3-star hotel half board with a twin en suite room. Tunisia during the time we were very hot and humid we knew it was going to be hot, however not to that degree. Our hotel for a 3 star was decent we were next to the beach plus our hotel included all the important amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools, Spas, Bar, Gym etc. The hotel food was awful even the breakfast! the food was not fresh very tasteless FOOD For 1 OR 2 nights we did eat food from the hotel,however we then decided that for breakfast every morning we walked to a local cafe it was quite cheap. Hotel staff were lovely we received marriage proposals almost daily lol HAMMAMET One day we decided to venture out of Hammamet and we went to the capital city of Tunis on at the local shops and supermarkets were located a walking distance from our hotel. The first day we walked to the local supermarkets it was a cultural shock the men were constantly harassing us on the streets Shouting at us "Hey Sexy chocolate" etc. We first thought it was very funny. However, it became too much and we tried to avoid the shops that had pervey men! TUNIS Tunis is very different compared to Hammamet a very big cosmopolitan the city which could be mistaken for Paris in some parts. It includes a string of high street plus designer shop brands along with fancy modern hotels and restaurants. While we were in Tunis no one paid any attention to us or harassed us it was so different to Hammamet more modern and diverse. DINNER IN TUNIS We missed the coach back to Hammamet, so we took almost 2 hours! It was a scary trip firstly because there were no lights inside the coach, plus we were the only 2 non-Tunisians on the coach and when we spoke English the people on the coach stared Every time we spoke. RELIGION Tunisia is an Islamic country and in smaller towns, not many Women travel alone at night so we were a little frightened. NIGHTLIFE When we finally arrived back to the hotel in 1 piece we met some lovely tourists also from the UK they wanted to go to a Bar so we joined them. Overall Tunisia is an amazing place.