I don't know where to start exactly,if I had a penny for every time I often hear that "travelling" is a waste of money, or, where do you get the money to travel? Well my response is always “ life is too short, why not" This post is not to bash anyone,but rather to educate some about the costs of travelling. First of all there is a wide range of different travels from luxury to backpacking, so all holiday costs will differ depending on ones preference. Myself personally apart from when I travel to Africa I do not spend a large amount on travel,the maximum that I usually spend on flights and hotels is only between£250-300 for about 4 days. There have only been a few times that I have spent a lot on my travels, and this that was due to the fact that, the hotels were located in the city center and were 4/5*. A lot of working professionals before during and after work purchase a coffee or tea, before during and usually adding up to a substantial amount. Also eating out has been on a rise with fast food being an option and usually costs at least £5/6, for example, a McDonald meal if this per month for coffee and £200 on drinks together £320, more than enough for a holiday including flights and hotels. Spain normally includes all-inclusive deals for between £250-300. We all have vices, not everyone vice is food or drink, some people it is their hair, nails, clothes shopping, etc, if you want to travel at least a few times a year it is possible if you just sacrifice 1 or 2 things that you do not need and are prepared to give up.