Marketing Yourself As An Online Teacher

When you have a small business like me you normally do not have an excessive income to hire a social media digital marketer to promote your Business. So for me, my preferred way to promote my teaching services is to social media mainly on Instagram, Instagram bus highly popular and I normally promote my services on Instagram page and Instagram stories. I like to interact with potential learners by postiInstagramng on my stories,questionnaires,quizzes. This method I also use on my Facebook and sometimes WhatsApp. I love Canvas which is a site used to edit pictures as well as creating, social media, newsletters presentations, and so forth, I adore the Canva photo shop website along with its several templates of posts. Wix is great for me as I used Wix to create my website and they have a great marketing tool, I use Wix marketing section to create my newsletter sent to a list of my email contacts. When I post a blog the subscribers are automatically notified. Facebook has been the world's most popular social media site for several years now, I use Facebook to scout for potential learners I joined several English learning and exchange groups. Through this I have met several clients and potential ones as well, Facebook has many groups globally and is a great way to promote. In addition to this, I also have a Facebook group speaksofidence that has 400 members. Steps To Marketing yourself As An English Teacher Post daily on social media
• Interact with learners
• Identify your demographic
• Add necessary service details
• Hire a social media specialist • Promote business on several social media sites