So a few years back I accidenlt fored a friendship with one of my students supporting her I use to sher English speaking skills. Our friendship began instantly as we discovered our common interests! So far in total we have travelled 6 times. When we travel together I feel as though. I am travelling alone, we just understand one another, it is easy, it works! Advantages Of Travelling With My Friend • I can be myself 💯 • She is very social and friendly • We never run out of conversation • Our holidays are always a combination of sightseeing & fun • She is the Queen of google maps • We can spend time apart while exploring the city Disadvantages NONE! AMALFI COAST in July will be our next destination then after PARIS. One of my published posts titled: "Travelling in a group" vs solo travel the pros & cons. I have been to some great places, however, I believe that the experience would have been better if I had travelled with people I clicked with, it would have been a lot more enjoyable. I only travelled with people who I was already friends so I assumed the trip would be amazing however, I was quickly shown otherwise. Do you have a person that you just love to travel with?