A few years back I went to Marrakech,Morocco with a friend from Uni, we decided to go last minute it is still is one of my best trips so far! WHAT TO EXPECT IN MARRAKECH Religion - Islamic. Clothing - Normal clothing, however not too revealing. Langauge - Arabic, French,Spanish. Climate - Hot especially If you want to visit the main cities spring & autumn, March-April and from October to mid-November are thhe best seasons. CUSTOMS Morocco is a Muslim country which follows Islamic laws and customs, bee aware of your actions to ensure they don’t offend, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you intend to visit religious areas. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws, and religions at all times. See below Ramadam guide what is expected : ACCOMODATION This trip was insane so many crazy moments and people it was like a scene from a movie! We stayed at a modest 3 star hotel,I must say the hotel looked so much better from the pics I would reccomend staying in a 5star in Morrocco as they are alot cheaper than Europe safe and usually all inclusive. This was my favorite moment in Marrakech riding the Camels in the desert not far away from the city center about a 15/20 minute car drive it was truly amazing! For a small fee only we spent at least 1 hour riding Camels,we enjoyed every moment it was a surreal experience as well as both of our first times on a Camel. NIGHTLIFE During this time I loved the nightlife and I have to say Marrakech nightlife was incredible! It was cheap,great music pluswe met some of the loveliest people, infact I still have some of them as my Facebook friends today. JEMMA AL FINA You can not stop over in Marrakech and avoid the Jemma Al Fina market probably the most famous tourist attraction in Marrakech. It extremely busy especially during the night its even more crazy with endless commotion. There are parts of the souk that specialize in specific products and you can actually see some of the products being made there, including shoes,rugs,lanterns and leather goods, whereas a lot of shops on the main stretches sell more of a mix. When you walk through the market wear comfy shoes and dress modestly as Marrakesh is an Islamic country so have this in mind try and avoid shorts and short skirts. BARGAIN HARD Marrakesh is a place where you need to haggle constantly as soon as they know you are a foreigner! Make sure your bargaining skills are good, you should definitely head to where they make the items as you may get a good deal as this is where the other traders will also try to grab your attention as well as an offer a better price. MOROCCAN CUISINE My first time in Morrocco was superb, a culture shock to say the least! I loved every single part of my time in Marrakech the people, food, music plus the weather. Marrakech is amazing I would like to visit other cities in Morocco such as Tangier, Fez and Casa Blanca. Have you been to Morocco?