Let's face it I think the majority of people prefer to travel with others because you get to create memories together, however while traveling in a group there can be downsides! I believe that traveling with someone can test a friendship! My opinion is that you do not have a genuine friendship in the first place, if it can end over a holiday! Do any of these points sound familiar? Adventurous vs relaxing holiday A neat freak who cleans constantly Early wakeup calls when you are not a morning person Different food habits travel partner requires specific cuisines Early wakeup calls when you are not a morning person Difference in personalits outgoing friendly vs socially awkward individual She/he will not sip one drop of alcohol (fair enough),however travel partner drinks throughout the trip! TIPS TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL GROUP HOLIDAY : Meet up beforehand to decide on which type of holiday you intend on having Analyse the personalities of the individual/s you intend on travelling with Invite the person/s you plan to travel with for a sleepover Plan some activites separately.