Family Time! I received a last-minute invite from my cousin, literally a few weeks beforehand to Faro Portugal with of my cousins, I could not refuse because the accommodation was paid for, plus I have never been to this part of Portugal. The flight was only about £60 return as well. I didn’t know much about Albufeira before I visited. I just knew that the Faro was a popular holiday destination for Brits. Accomodation Was lovely situated in the outsides of Faro not far from Albufuiera's main beach which attracts several British tourists yearly? The Villa was very modern containing all necessary facilities including two large bedrooms upstairs, as well as soda beds a dining room, and a garden with a beautiful view. Our villa contained a restaurant a few yards away serving the best food & drinks with a pool alongside it was heaven with the scorching sun about 35 degrees daily. NEW TOWN. If you want to walk to New Town from Old Town, it’s possible but it’s about 3.2 km and a 40-minute walk. We decided to take an Uber since we really didn’t know where we were going. It was about a 10-minute ride and our friendly Uber driver told us about some spots we should check out in New Town. New Town has pretty much the same things as Old Town with a beautiful beach, restaurants, and shops but the main thing this town is known for is their hardcore partying and karaoke. I had no idea Albufeira had such a thriving nightlife until I started doing some research on things to do in the area. Bar strips of bars and restaurants mainly the English population and tourists. Loud, crowded open 24/7 for those who are into the nightlife it is perfect for you. OLD TOWN Old Town is a lot more relaxed compared to a new town a walking distance to the beautiful Faro beach, including a ray of restaurants with international cuisines specializing in seafood. The old town is historic buildings with meaning. We chose a lovely restaurant I opted for a lovely tuna salad, delish. Albuferia Portugal was around 32/33 degrees super hot but mild in the evening the perfect weather. Overall it was a good time overall quality time with family amazing food and weather, the only downside our accommodation was too and I recommend Faro Portugal, however, our accommodation was too far out so we had to use a taxi everywhere.