Absorbing Peoples Energy

I am a sensitive person, however, I believe that most of us absorb one another's energy either way may it be negative or positive. Whether it is our friends, family partner, or work colleagues the people we spend time with influence the way we think, subconsciously. For instance, you maybe a happy person by nature a person full of light very bubbly, however, the majority of your friends are extremely negative, often their response " I feel bad " forever Debbie downer. Constant communication with them will affect your state of mind. Debbie downers have a very limited belief system, you can not share your dreams without the response "Oh many people have tried that business it will not work". You fall in love, it will never work men/women are dogs! a very pessimistic outlook on just about everything in life. After every conversation, you either feel drained or uninspired. 10 WAYS TO STOP ABSORBING PEOPLES ENERGY Politely advice to seek therapy Limit time spent with them Spend time with positive people Cut the person off Change the subject Create an energy shield Learn to say No Distance yourself Learn to deal with them Be truthful In contrast, there is also good energy that we absorb, have you ever spoke to someone and felt like you could conquer the world? luckily I know a few people like this, they are just amazing I feel so blessed. Every time I feel low they cheer me up and remind me about what matters in life. Also, they are go-getters that encourage me to fulfill my dreams. Their positive energy is contagious and gives me a natural high.