Well, the title got your attention right? The world witnessed the savage death of George Floyd. Over the past few weeks this has been another global epidemic on top of COVID -19. "Police brutality is defined as the use of excessive physical assault or verbal during police procedures, such as apprehending or interrogating a suspect it is considered police brutality" Robinson, E 2017. Police brutality is not a new phenomenon amongst the black community, an unlawful act which has been practiced for several decades, although ever since the use of smartphones police brutality is now documented. George Floyd's untimely death has sparked an outstanding number of protests globally including all 33 American states as well as the UK, Australia, Amsterdam, and even Syria and North Korea, this has been the biggest global outpour to denounce police brutality and racism in general. I grew up in a working neighbourhood in South East London, which has changed dramatically over the last decade. I dealt with my fair share of racism as a child, most overtly in school, still today, I realised that systematic racism is the biggest threat to our society! The poorest areas in London have the highest population of Blacks why? the highest crime, the worst schools why? Is this just a coincidence that black people are targeted disproportionately and mistreated by the Police, or is it racial profiling? impoverished neighbourhoods with high crime rates and bad schools let's not mention the institutional racism within the workplace. Have you ever heard of the saying token black person? Well, these are expressions that I have heard all of my life. The BME communities only count as 13 % of the overall UK population. Currently, there are ongoing protests all over the world, people from all backgrounds are supporting the BLM movement for racial equality and injustice! I do not claim to be an expert in this field simply because I am a Black Woman. I believe it is a systematic issue and change is long overdue! There are many opposed to the black lives matter movement responding with "ALL LIVES MATTER" my response below : Has racism affected you or a loved one? What can we do for a change? Read more about the BLM movement? References :
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