Go back to the drawing board, to start over. It is not rocket science, not complicated. Give someone the cold shoulder, ignoring someone. Blessing in disguise,something good that seemed bad at first. Get your act together, start to organise yourself so that you do things effectively. Give someone the benefit of the doubt,trust what someone says without evidence. Hair of the Dog, an alcoholic beverage
consumed as a hangover remedy. Get your act together ,start to organise yourself so that you do things effectively. Taste of your own medicine, to be treated the same way that you have been treating others. 11. Let someone off the hook, to no longer
hold someone responsible for something. 12. Make a long story short, explaining briefly. 13. Wrap your head around something, understand something complicated. 15. Get out of hand something/someone is out of control. 16. Pull someone's leg to make a joke 17. Better the devil you know, 18. Better late than never, 19. Break a leg, good luck. 20. A dime a dozen, something common. 21. Hit the sack go to sleep. 22. Cut somebody some slack to not be so critical . 23 You can say that again that's true,I agree. List of Idioms the largest Idioms diary, https://www.theidioms.com/list/http://url, (Jan 2019 ) We all use idioms almost on a daily basis which idioms do you use the most,and which are most confusing to you ? Comment below :)