2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least, however I have to say that dining at Gaucho Canary Wharf has been my best night out in 2020. My friend stayed in a hotel nearby so we chose the GAUCHO nearby, my first time however, it will def not be the last. DECOR Stunning located beside Canary wharf riverside overlooking the whole of London. The decor inside is white and black along with fancy chandeliers, paintings as well as outside seating with booth-like tables. Also, a bar situated in the middle of the restaurant perfect for social media pics. FOOD Yum Yum is what comes to mind the food was so so scrumptious, it had been some time since I had been out to a luxurious restaurant. I enjoyed every single dish, also the food exceeded my expectation. I chose a succulent medium-rare lump of steak, garlic mash along with prawn salad. I finished every last bit of the food, the seasoning was on point. SERVICE Excellent! considering we were still in the middle of Covid-19 the service was great very attentive staff out waiter was fantastic, when my steak looked extremely rare, he asked chefs to do and he gave me another plate of mash and veg. RECOMMENDATIONS It's 10/10 great food service and location although a little pricey is worth every bit.