☀️7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Relationship Private☀️

There are so many benefits to keeping your relationship private. Relationships can last longer when Nobody knows your Business. One of the most common reasons that relationships break down is not only because of the couple,but others who interfere and stick their nose where it does not belong. "Relationships Last Longer When Nobody Knows Your Business" 1.Not everyone will be happy for you For some peculiar reason, two people in a healthy loving relationship can rub some people the wrong way. Once they know about your relationship, it maybe dismissed or sarcastic and negative comments disguised as jokes. It’s when people don’t have that they feel the need It’s a defense mechanism that’s probably better than them strangling you for having such an awesome relationship. 2.You open up to the opinions of others People will advise you according to their own experience, and bitter people usually speak the loudest. Advising someone out of love is fine, however, a lot of advice comes from a place of bad experience, so no matter what you expose to friends/family the response is automatically negative. 3.Breaking up is easier If fewer people know your business, no explanations are needed,and the embarrassment of having to
share the breakup news and you can move on quicker. 4. Less pressure No questions asked by family and friends about marriage/children. Everyone has that relative that always ask when you are planning to have kids, are you pregnant, how many children you plan to have? When and where will the engagement and wedding be? All the personal questions are not their business. 5.You get a chance to solidify your relationship before it can be torn down The less exposure the better, you will be able to develop a true and meaningful partnership privately. 6.You only need your own validation Others people opinions should not matter,not your friends, family, work colleagues it is sacred. Decisions regarding your relationship such as arguments, will not be discussed with others. 7. No social media Helps to avoid gossip and assumptions about your relationship in a public space. No social media means that you and partner can go without unsolicited advice and opinions of loved ones or strangers, also the enjoyment of special moments privately and the fun of know one knowing. Can you think of anymore?