Why I Stopped My Meetup Groups

Starting these meetup groups was an amazing experience, considering it was my first time and I had

no prior experience. After Teaching English in Barcelona once I returned to the UK after, I began private tutoring lessons. Shortly after I started the English Meetup groups, I had been meetup groups which I enjoyed immensely, included mammoth and spanish language exchange groups.

It took me a few days to plan my first meetup group I placed the sad on Meetup and I put the ad out so it was public and 15 people confirmed their attendance.

My First session was a success and I went on to host about 10 successful groups.

The groups consisted of males /females

from all over the globe including Italy,China, Brazil etc.Towards the end several learners would confirm attendance, however not show up !

The groups became a Financial loss for me, travel costs,meet-up memberships plus there were too many competitors on the meet up site !

In 2021 I will begin the lessons again from a different platform online or face to face watch this space. I will charge for my meet-up language groups so at least If there are no shows I have nothing to loose. I will rent a office space from way2work.

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