Barcelona is one of Europe's most popular destinations with amazing weather,food along with a multicultural cosmopolitan city. The beaches are fabulous and the most popular for tourists are Barceloneta next to metro port Olympic.

Barceloneta beach
  1. Mar Bella,

  2. Nova Icaria

  3. Bogatell

It surprised my friends that I had never been to the beach even though I had been to Barcelona several times. I preferred to socialize in local places less touristy plus the beach was full of tourists and is known to have pickpockets. I spent a lot of my social and free time in restaurants, hotels swimming pools, as well as other, places local sites away from tourist street.


The first time I went to the beach during summer, while I worked as a live in Nanny was a memorable experience. I remember that I was gobsmacked by the clear blue skies along with miles of sandy beaches surrounded by long strips of restaurants,.

I regret the fact that I had spent very little time at Barceloneta beach. I have been back to the beach several times since and I hope to stay at the W hotel it is gorgeous :)

Have you been to Barceloneta beach ?

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