Valencia was so much fun! I travelled with my friend Ela for the first time we went

2 days after Christmas and it exceeded my expectations. Our hotel was really nice a

swanky 4 star hotel located about 2/3 miles from the city center and beach.

We had arrived early in the morning and took a bus to the hotel straight from the Airport costing only 1.50 euro.

While were were in Valencia we took the bus to the City center it was a 5-10 minute journey depending on the traffic. The city Center was nice and not over crowded(probably due to season).

Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain and it exceeded my expectations.Valencia was an amazing trip from beginning to end! It was the first time that me and my friend had traveled together.


Valencia has a lot of historical buildings,shops,bars restaurants, a typical Spanish city.


We were in Valencia 2 days after Christmas so alot of the Bars and restaurants were closed.

It was a little chilly,however it did not stop us from sitting on the beach .


We also visited the beautiful sites the Arts and science museum.


Dinner time in Valencia is usually 9pm, especially outside of the center so we had difficulty finding restaurants before 9pm and were usually hungry between 6-8pm, so we ended up eating at the same restaurant everyday so we did not have a chance to try authentic Spanish food. We went to some lovely Bars including a Irish one and made some friends.

Overall Valencia was fab check out my next blog for the pros & cons of Valencia.

Valencia was an amazing trip from beginning to end!It was the first time that me and Ela

my friend had travelled together.

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