The Africa They Dont Show (UGANDA)

So as we all know Africa usually gets a bad wrap often portrayed as a war-torn continent full of starving people with nothing to offer but poverty! I want to let you know that there is a lot more to see in Africa than Safaris, Jungles,starving children. Africa consists of

a lot of the same things in the west, modern style shopping Malls, Hotels, as well as several a wide range of international global food chains as well natural historical buildings!



Uganda is the pearl of Africa I have travelled many times to Uganda, last time was September 2018 with my Family. Before my 2018 visit, I went in 2014 and 1997. Kampala is the capital, and culturally, it's easy to transition to. Foreigners are welcome, society is not highly conservative and most people speak some English, so it’s not hard to get to know the locals. As far as lifestyle goes, Kampala may not have the overwhelming choice of consumer items that the west does, but it does have pretty much everything you’ll need.


Uganda is the main focus since I have travelled there several times , the last time was September 2018 with family. Before that, I went in 2014 and stayed in a Family friend's home, it was a stunning.


UGANDA, also known as " The Pearl of Africa" is situated in East Africa along with neighboring countries Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania much of the south of the country is heavily influenced by one of the world's biggest lakes, Lake Victoria, which contains many islands. Uganda's most important cities are located in the south, near this lake, including the capital Kampala and the nearby city of Entebbe. Half of the world's remaining mountain Gorilla population are still in Uganda.

10 PLACES YOU MUST SEE IN UGANDA (Popular tourist sites)

  1. Murchison Falls National Park ( Lake Albert NorthWest Uganda )

  2. Lake Victoria ( Kampala,Entebbe)

  3. Gorilla bookings ( Kampala )

  4. Cafe Javas (All over Uganda)

  5. Nariembe Cathedral (Kampala)

  6. Ndere Cultural Center (Kampala)

  7. The Acacia Mall(Kampala)

  8. The Simba Casino(Kampala)

  9. Kasubi tombs (Kampala

  10. Fort portal (Fort portal)


  • Ndere Cultural Center (Kampala) live music cultural shows

  • CAFE JAVAS 7 located in the center of Kampala & Entebbe.

  • Entebbe Imperial resort beach close proximity to lake Victoria.

  • Acacia Mall (Kololo) Supermarkets Salons,Cinema,Resturants

  • Sky Lounge (Kampala) shisha bar lounge


Unfortunately, British Airways no longer flies directly to Entebbe airport which was only an 8-hour direct flight. Although many airlines do travel to Uganda directcly there are still many that do fly there ,althought you have to change. Brussels, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and so forth. The most expensive times to travel are summer and during Christmas times If you book your ticket in advance for a good eal able to fi a good deal. is the best site to compare the cheapest flight deals & easiest transfers.


If you are not lucky enough to stay with family or friends free of charge no worries Uganda offers a variety of suitable accommodation to suit all types of travelers. Hostels are normally suited for solo travelers and those who are carrying out volunteer work. Many hostels are located in the center and outskirts of Kampala. Here is one I found which has a high rating and great value for money.

Bushpig Backpackers

Address: 31 John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala, Uganda

Luxury Hotels

If you prefer to stay in luxurious accommodation Uganda has several stunning hotels :

  • Serena Hotel

  • Sheraton

  • Pearl of Africa Hotel

  • Imperial Hotel

  • Protea Hotel Kampala

  • Empasha

Next trip to UGANDA

I hope to travel to Uganda this Summer,have you been to Uganda, If so do you have recommendations ?

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