I already have a few teaching qualifications, however I do not have a TESOL diploma.

I am currently studying for an online TESOL Diploma so far I like the course it is very

thought-provoking for me in addition Iam learning a lot of new things.

The course is accredited by The International career institute, modules :

  • Teaching methods

  • Classroom management

  • English systems, skills and spelling 

  • Planning lessons

  • Productive skills, speaking and writing

  • Receptive skills, listening and reading

  • Teaching grammar

  • Teaching vocabulary, meaning and context

  • Phonology of English and teaching pronunciation

  • Visual aids, activities and games

  • Testing for the EFL - ESL student 

  • Culture and the EFL - ESL classroom

  • Professional development and employment


  • Improves employabilty

  • Makes CV more valuable

  • Improves Grammar

  • Enhance your Teaching skills

  • Teach abroad

Do you have a TESOL Diploma, if not are you interested in completing a TESOL diploma course?

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