STOP People Pleasing!

“If you spend your life pleasing others, you spend your life.” ~Cheryl Richardson

It is so extremely important for me to write this post as I once suffered from the people-pleasing syndrome. Being able to help one another is one of life’s great pleasures, however, there are times

when you are unable to.

Do you feel that when you say no you are a bad person, and justify your no?

  • Struggle with guilt

  • You're a giver

  • Being nice to everyone even people who don’t treat you well

  • Apologize or accept fault when you are not to blame

  • You're quick to agree, even when you don't agree

  • Feel the need to attend every single event

If you agree with at least 2 of these points then you are likely to be a people pleaser! recognize that you can change this awareness is the first step.


It is important to have boundaries, we teach people how to treat us, boundaries are essential to have healthy relationships. Personal boundaries are crucial to set the basic guidelines for how you want to be treated. Listen to your gut, if it feels wrong to say "NO" you are not obliged to always say yes.

Saying no does not require an explanation. Next, find out the root cause of why you are a people pleaser in the first place so you can begin to work on self-improvement if need be to seek counseling or purchase self-help books or faith/spiritual practices. to help. Finally, make sure that all the relationships in your life are reciprocal so both parties should give and take.

Are you a people please,if so would you like to change ?

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