My Friend and I booked our trip to Rhodes only a few weeks before we flew out.

We stayed at this beautiful exclusive resort in Rhodes,Greece at Kresten Royal Villas 5*https://www.thekrestenroyal.gr/ throwback.


The accommodation was superb, a large double room combined with a seating area, along with an en-suite hot tub plus a balcony sea view with a pool, it was truly magical honeymoon style. Anna and I were so lucky we only paid about £270 all inclusive of flights hotel plus unlimited food and drinks.

On the first day we went to the local town in the evening for some drinks .The Greek were really friendly to us and we made new friends.

The rest of the trip we spent the majority of time by the pool eating and drinking relaxing.


During the trip we also visited the outskirts of Rhodes for a 1 day excursion on the outskirts of Rhodes the views were stunning! After the tour we indulged in wine tasting which was a great



Last but not least we went to Marmaris Turkey for 1 day on a ferry it was amazing!

Check out my blog Marmaris #Marmaris describing the whole trip.

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