Paris Is Always A Good Idea!!

Honestly, I have been to Paris, although for many is a great place, personally, it is not my cup of tea.

The trip to Paris was unplanned my friend persuaded me after she found Euro train tickets to Paris

for just £60 return! Travelling to Paris was smooth by Euro-star not packed at all along with air-con.

How do I get around Paris?

To get around the city center of Paris Buses, taxis, trains are frequent means of transport, If you opt for a Paris Visitor pass 5.80 per day euros. The Eiffel Tower was the next destination, only a close distance from our hotel about 10 minutes on the metro. The views walking to the Eiffel tower were lovely.

The Royal buffet a Chinese buffet place in the center of Paris was incredible, the service was unique we were able to order from the table from an iPad and order 5 plates at a time, we barley finished eating 2 rounds the food was too much but so delicious.

Are there anymore sites that you recommend to see in Paris?

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