Outgrowing People!

Throughout life, people will come and go it is nothing new, however, there are those we believed would be in our lives forever, however, through time we simply grew apart. Friendships can be formed in various ways from school, work or through the family. Later in life, we go through stages. Most friendships will not withstand the test of life.

Signs You Have Outgrown A Person!

  • Stop sharing personal information

  • They repeatedly tell you you have changed

  • No longer have anything in common

  • Conversations feel unnatural

  • Currently have stronger bonds with others

  • No desire to spend time with them

All the things mentioned above can include a wide range of relationships from romantic to friendships,family. This is part of life and as we evolve as people we will outgrow many.

Can you think of any other signs that you have outgrown something/someone?

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