The expansive nature of the Internet and the accessibility of technology today has generated a rise as well as growing demand and popularity for online learning, not just locally, also internationally. Many of us use online services for almost everything from social networking, paying bills, booking holidays ordering food, the list goes on! Learning online is highly popular.

Society today has become increasingly busier with career and family life combined a lot of the population are unable to study by the traditional face-to-face classroom method, online learning can be proven to be more convenient, avoiding the hassle of traveling to institutions on top of other life commitments, career, family, etc. In contrast, some argue that although the online study is maybe more convenient than the traditional face-to-face learning will always be the better option. Let us start by examining why online studying beneficial.


  • No need to commute

  • Multiple courses to choose from

  • Includes Undergraduate & Postgraduate qualifications long distance

  • You can study from anywhere,more comfortable learning environments

  • Generally less expensive than traditional classroom learning


  • Unsupervised

  • Easier to plagiarize

  • No interaction with others

  • Lack of routine and study structure

  • Qualifications not always excepted by some institutions or employers


  • Intimate

  • Less chance of plagiarism

  • The traditional way of learning

  • Able to ask more questions

  • Interaction with other learners

  • Institution of a learning environment

  • Respected than virtual


  • Travel considerations

  • Tuition fees continue to rise

  • Uninteresting repetitive lessons

  • No timetable flexibility

So there you go some advantages and disadvantages of studying online vs face-to-face,

I prefer both online and traditional learning, they both include pros and cons.

I am a sociable person so face-to-face allows me to interact with other learners along with a teacher, plus I get to experience studying from an educational institution.

On the other hand, online learning can be flexible along with being able to learn from where would like without the hassle of commuting and distractions from others.

Can you think of any more advantages and disadvantages of studying Online Vs Face to face?

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