Once Upon A Time I Was A Nanny In Barcelona

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while. In fact, I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts about my second experience living in Spain.

I had an amazing experience teaching English in Barcelona, I wanted to experience working in Barcelona again so I decided to work as a nanny for the first time, I found the role on a Nanny website, I applied casually not excepting a response.


I completed a skype interview which I passed and I signed my contract and flew out to Barcelona the following week I was beyond excited. Within weeks I booked my flight and went to Barcelona it was scorching when I arrived in Barcelona about 35 degrees. When I arrived I was greeted by this tall man with a large welcoming, I arrived late and I saw the Children for the first time they looked liked angels!


Well, my expectations were that would spend a few hours a day with the children and afterwards the rest I spent on the beach, eating ice cream,plus making new friends. The reality for me as I woke up every day by 8 am to prepare breakfast daily.

Advantages of living in Barcelona are :

  • Weather

  • Food

  • Beaches

  • Friendly locals

  • Practice my spanish

  • Tourism

  • low cost of living

  • International city

Disadvantages of living in Barcelona :

  • Low Salary

  • Pickpockets

  • Tourism

  • Pollution

  • Language

  • Home sick

Would I do it again? yes but perhaps with a single mother and as long as I have weekends off and my key and the kids are older.

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