My Journey Learning Spanish

My journey learning Spanish has been nothing but simple, it has been ongoing since school. Just to take you back I never had any interest in learning Spanish, however in my year 9 school class,

I was placed into the Spanish group. The following year for my language GCSE options I chose Spanish. I loved my Spanish classes, most of my classmates did not enjoy it.

I moved to retake my Spanish GCSE in Greenwich College and I enjoyed it a lot more because the class was smaller around 5 people a variety of ages and abilities, the teacher was able to spend more time with me individually. At the end of the academic year, I received my A. I went on to take Spanish A-levels I opted to take AS-A-level all in 1 year which was not a very wise choice. The classes had a larger group of people and mainly working professionals meanwhile, I was a full-time teenage student.

I felt very intimidated as my classmates were a lot older, parents etc and many spoke Spanish very well with fluency ability. My Spanish was very basic, I was able to read Spanish quite well, however speaking and listening proved to be very difficult.

I struggled so much with Spanish grammar and during the classes I understood very little, on top of that

I was a bad student I hardly studied at home, and bear in mind this was pre-social media days and smartphones before we were able to download language apps, meetup language groups, etc so it was a lot harder to learn. My final grade was a D I was very disappointed, not sure why as I hardly ever studied. For the speaking exam, I scored quite well as I studied very little.

After I finished college I started travelling to Spain and when I lived in Barcelona my Spanish by this time was weak as I had stopped practicing. When I started travelling back and forth to Barcelona I realised my Spanish was bad I had forgotten so much vocabulary, and only remembered basic phrases.

When I travelled to Barcelona I befriended people so I was able to practice Spanish. Whilst I was there I was forced to speak Spanish when I was lost, in supermarkets, or metro, so it did helped refresh my memory a lot. I lived in Barcelona in 2014/15 teaching English and to be honest improving my English Grammar helped me with my Spanish as the grammar rules are very similar to English and it helped me to gain more confidence speaking and fluency. Some days I consider myself a fluent Spanish speaker other days I say a basic speaker it depends on how confident I feel on the day.

Have you learned a second language? and if so how was your journey.

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