Misconceptions About Solo Female Travel

Solo Female Travel offers you a unique experience and provides you with a whole new perspective and way of life and is continuing to rise.

So my solo travelling started about 10 years ago, unplanned and spontaneously, I was so fed of being let down by friends last minute after we made travel plans. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and travel for the first time alone to Istanbul Turkey. The reaction I received from family and friends was unexpected, instead of them being excited for me they were worried and thought that I was crazy to consider travelling alone! they made me believe after telling them that one of the terrible things below would happen to me:

• Rape Danger



• Run Out OF Money

• Crazy Country

Ever since I moved to Florida during my time in University several years ago, I have loved travelling.

When I travelled to Istanbul turkey for the first time alone I was a little intimidated as it is a

male-dominated society, not a solo female travel favourite. I arrived in Istanbul amazed by this city,

it was a loud vibrant colourful combined middle eastern and western culture! I attracted so much attention most people had never seen a brown girl.

Any feedback?

Travelling alone gave me a strong sense of who I was, my confidence grew greatly, I learned to walk

with my head held high. I was able to embrace a new culture and learn about their values and most importantly I became more independent. and I knew that I would be able to travel alone from now on, which gave me a sense of peace. According to ( Guardian 2019, Rosita Boland )women travel for independence, freedom and change and, however on the contrary many today still believe that women travel alone due to loneliness or to seek male attention.

Myths About Solo Female Travel

You Are Lonely if you travel solo and have no friends! This could not be further from the truth, solo female travellers choose to travel alone by choice to gain a new experience and they often make friends during their trip. Some individuals like their own company

"Solo travel for women is about freedom, in every sense of the word" Rosita Boland (Guardian 2019)

Solo Travel is not for married people

If you are in a healthy marriage/ relationship your partner will have no issue with you travelling solo, they may even encourage it. Solo travel while married or in a relationship can be to have time alone away from family commitments, to fulfil a long time desire. As well as having individual time apart.

Solo Travellers are wild & adventurous : More than likely you will find that in most female solo travellers daily life they are not adventurous and spontaneous, Female solo travellers have responsible stable life’s

committed to careers and family life, so they like to escape alone when they can.

Traumatic Experience cause of travel not true many simply travel alone for enjoyment.

According to (Hostel word 2020) women travel for the following reasons :

  • Life shift

  • Independence

  • Relationship breakup

  • Self-care

  • Financial freedom

  • New adventures

  • Empowering

  • Freedom from social expectations

  • Empty nest

What are your general views on female solo travel, and do you have any questions?


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