Madrid was a last minute unplanned trip,as my friend and I had already been to Spain together a few times, we actually wanted to go to Italy but the flights were too expensive, so we decided to go to Madrid. This was the first time for both of us, and what surprised me the most about Madrid is that unlike many urban cities, there are several big parks and lakes along with many open spaces.

On Plane about to take off :)


We stayed at Hotel Cason del Tormes it was really pleasant for a 3*Hotel we were pleasantly surprised! It is located in the center by Opera Metro. The hotel included great staff and amenities. After we checked in to the hotel we explored the city and found a lovely Italian restaurant we ate the most amazing Lasagna.


Gran Via and Puerta de Sol are a short walking distance from our hotel, about 10 minutes. We ate lunch at a greasy tourist cafe, we were starving so we opted for the first available restaurant a Spanish Cafe.


Prada reina Sofia is a 15-minute walk from Sol Metro, the walk was worth it, after walking through the park we ate some snacks along with drinks at a cafe inside the park.

It was my friend Ela's Birthday so we went to a few live music Bars it was a fabulous evening.

#LaPotenteLaLatina #Madridlife #cityrbeak

Elas's Birthday :)


We were super tired the final day and checked out of the hotel at 12pm left our suitcases at the hotel and then headed for lunch. We chose a Spanish buffet we had spotted the previous day,the food was so delicious! Not long after we collected our luggage then headed off to the airport.

Madrid was great !

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