I have really wanted to make this blog for a while because I have many friends who have put traveling on hold due to their finances. I like luxury travel and I never have to spend a lot! I tend to book flights and hotels separately in advance that way I am able to stay in a 4/5 star 🌟 hotel as well being able to travel at a decent hour if I book at least 3 months in advance!

I do not see the point of traveling and staying in a run-down hotel or hostel it takes away the fun in traveling.


  • Book at least 3 months in advance the

  • Select a hotel next to tourist locations

  • Exchange currency before you travel

  • Book free events festivals, parks, next to tourist sites to avoid public transport and taxis

  • Buy essentail food items for breakfast at a supermarket

  • Check on (trip advisor) for the best discounts on restaurants, sights, etc

  • Leave the hotel early after breakfast spend the whole day outside return in the evening

(less money spent).

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