Lost In Marrakesh?


This time was even better! The trip started with some drama though! My friend and I took a taxi from the airport. Once we arrived at our accommodation which was a Riad, we were bombarded by local men who seemed fairly decent at first, they offered to direct us to our Riad, however, they aggressively demanded money for directing us just a few yards away!


By the way, a Riad is a (traditional Moroccan townhouses built around a central courtyard. So I was in Marrakesh to celebrate my birthday I adore Marrakesh I went when I was at University and have since wanted to return. I loved the cuisine, people, architecture, etc.


For my birthday we went for dinner at a beautiful restaurant which included a belly dancer along with Shisha and delicious Moroccan cuisine.


One particular afternoon we went for lunch then after walked through the market that

was so busy full of several shops that were selling clothes,food,souvenirs etc.

We went shopping,afterwards we were on the way back to the Riad,but could not find it!

It was extremely hot that day as well over 30 degrees!

After asking several people and extremely tired we eventually found the Riad we must have walked several miles, even though our Riad was located only about a 10- minute walk. The Riads in Marrakesh are very secluded and you needed to walk through many alleyways. Overall Marrakesh is a fabulous place I would like to return to Morocco in the future Tangier.

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