Our accomodation was a B&B located a walking distance from the center and tourist attaractions. For a small fee, we were able to enjoy a buffet breakfast, the only negative factor was that throughout our time in Lisbon it was almost 40 degrees with a little breeze, our B&B contained no air conditioning or fan so it was difficult to sleep.


I like the food we ate a lot of sea food, the food was magnificant you could tell it was fresh and cooked carefully, I highly reccomend the resturants by the seafront.


Stunning historical sites very colourful and unique looking, especially the ones in located inthe main square . It is probably the most "Instagrammable" spot with colorful houses, tiled walls, and adorable storefronts everywhere you turn. I could seriously get lost wandering around these cobblestone streets.


There is a lot to do in Lisbon, first of all, the waterfront a 15-minute walk from Lisbon center is lovely, it includes several restaurants, bars as well as boats on the river. It is reasonably priced

with different styles of restaurants from Portugese to international cuisines. Some of the bars included a salsa bar, Shisha lounge etc so a variety of things tf suit everyone. Also for those who enjoy the nightlife, there is a bar street named "Barrio Alto" which consists of several bars and clubs. Lisbon center is quite small during the day the best way to see Lisbon is to walk or to take a Tram.


  • Super cheap

  • Friendly people

  • Cheap flights

  • Great food

  • Low cost of living


  • English is not widely spoken

  • Limited socializing spots

  • Unbearable heat during summer

  • Very steep hills across the city

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