Is It Beneficial To Learn English In A Language School ?

There are so many language schools today locally and internationally, so it can be a difficult task

deciding which one is credible not! I think that language schools benefit mainly those who are

complete beginners. For fluent speakers, I think language schools are not necessary.

The best way to learn a new language, in my opinion, is to have 1-2-1 or group language exchanges(check out my blog )

Many choose language exchanges that are free of charge so you have nothing by taking part while meeting new people informally without the pressure of exams and so forth.

I have found that meeting people face to face to practice speaking Spanish has increased my confidence and speaking Spanish immensely.

Advantages of language schools

  • Structure

  • Feedback on progress

  • Flexible payments

  • 1-2-1 or group classes

  • Recognized accredited English qualifications

  • Qualified and verified English teachers with experience

Disadvantages of language schools

  • High costs

  • Too many competitors

  • Takes to long to learn

  • Only formal English language taught not enough emphasis on general English

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