How To Live A Peaceful Life!

There is nothing more satisfying than living a peaceful life while making a decision that no matter what happens peace over any circumstance!


Not forgiving someone and holding on to past offences can lead to anger, bitterness, stress.

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone what the person did to you, or that you need to have them back in your life, forgiveness is simply moving on living in the present and forgetting the past. Closure from who or what hurt you is imperative to have a peaceful life! freeing yourself from past offences allows you to live for today. Understand that forgiveness is a process, start now!


Choose your battles wisely, ask yourself what will I gain in this situation, how will it serve me? After all, life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight, rather how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction. "Life is too short to spend it on warring, fight only the most important ones, let the rest go.”

C. Joy Bell C.


Setting boundaries can help you keep negative people. You need space to clear your head after dealing with someone/something that drains you emotionally. Keep the negativity at arm's length


Spend time alone without distractions switch off all social media devices.


Comment below if you can think of anymore.

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