How to Learn Spanish in 30 days!

I have always had a love-hate relationship with learning Spanish I have had a love-hate relationship with learning in general! everyone has a different grasp of languages some take a long time to become fluent, while others grasp the language straight away. Here are some useful tips that can help you speak Spanish in 30 days!

Spanish TV Series

Watching a few hours or a day of Spanish Tv series can help you identify accents and unfamiliar words.

After each episode take notes of words misunderstood and practice per daily for 30 days.

Language Partner

A language exchange with a native Spanish speaker is very beneficial as you will practice speaking the daily non-academic Spanish and you will have life corrections, also it is a more authentic way to practice everyday conversations unlike practicing for exams, etc.

Read Spanish Books/Magazines

Even if you are only a beginner at learning Spanish, Attempting to read daily will help to increase your vocabulary and familiarize yourself with the language overall even recognizing sarcasm, jokes,etc.

Spanish Tutor

Helpful as you get the best both worlds learning with a native speaker, plus homework tasks to practice such as grammar, vocabulary, role plays, that improve academic performance. With a tutor, you will develop a trusted relationship, and receive regular feedback on how to improve your Spanish and catered to your individual needs as well as set lesson plans and days. This can also very good support to increase your confidence.


Is useful to pick up the Spanish language, although I do not recommend listening to music that contains a lot of slang.

How you go about learning the song is up to you. If you prefer to memorize the lyrics in your target language and be able to sing the song verbatim before ever looking at the English lyrics, that’s fine.

Social Media

Social media is designed to connect you with others… and most of us spend so much time on social media so it makes sense to find social media Spanish language partners online through apps such as Facebook,Instagram, YouTube as well as language WhatsApp groups etc.

So there you go a few tips that can help you learn Spanish in 30 days as well boosting your brain power.

Can you think of any more ways that you can learn Spanish in 3 days ? comment below.

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