How Often Do You Read ?

Since 2018 I have begun reading more frequently, I prefer to read from hard copy books, not E-books

Reading books are my escape from the world, I often read when I am at home or in the libary or coffee shops. I like biographies, language books as well as philosophical and self-help books. I am currently reading books that are both personal use to my business, language. I am currently studying for a TESOL Diploma so it is beneficial for me to read often. Currently I am reading Mo Farrah's Biography.

I almost finished reading Michelle Obamans biography which is fantastic so far. I last read Nadia husseins Biography equaully a great read.

I have ordered a few books including Michelle Obamas becoming as well as some other books including English Grammar and Spanish Books


  1. Knowledge you can never know too much, learning about a particular subject or topic

  2. Decreases stress very relaxing to switch off and distract your mind

  3. Mental stimulation keeps the mind active

  4. Expands vocabulary those that read often from a young age gradually develop large vocabularies.

  5. Improves writing skills

  • Which book/s are you reading now?

  • What was the last book that you read?

  • Do you have any recommendations?

Any book recommendations please comment below :)

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