HOW 2020 Has Changed Me

2020 has been a very eventful year to, say the least, apart from the horrific Covid-19 pandemic which came about, personally, I have also struggled with the loss of loved ones, plus ,many more things.

The beginning of this year was fine I was working in my office - based 9-5 seeing family and friends often and planning my travels whilst working on business projects, life was sweet. However, from March/April 2020 things took a rapid turn for me. I would consider myself a very strong individual, however even the toughest of people can break.

"2020 Has Taught Me"
  1. You need to have thick skin to survive in this world

  2. Reach out of your comfort zone

  3. No one is going to save you

  4. Do not hold grudges always make peace

  5. Being a victim will get you no where

  6. Learn to enjoy own company

  7. Care less what people think

  8. Make new friends

  9. Keep learning,courses,hobbies,etc

  10. Move away from the life that you planned and enjoy the one you have

What has 2020 taught you ?

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