Home Bound,What To Do?

With so many of us currently working from home we need to find different ways to keep ourselves entertained and our minds stimulated. So here are some suggestions on how to use your free time productively.


Many of us love to read, however we do not have enough time to do so.I suggest reading 2-3 books at once(yes 2-3 books), normally it can take weeks to complete a whole book, on the other hand being home bound can give you extra time to read a few pages of each book daily.


I love to take part in language exchanges English-Spanish with native Spanish speakers it is so enjoyable. I have the language exchanges on WhatsApp, there are several other online groups including Facebook, meetup, Instagram where you can meet people from all over the globe and practice your chosen language.


We can become so carried away with our careers relationships, that we neglect quality time with family/friends, use this opportunity to video/phone call loved ones.

4. MASTER COOKING SKILLS, if you are an average cook like me,this time off will give you a shot to practice and perfect your cooking skills,try a new dish.


Spiritual practices can differ from person and can involve more than attending a religious building once a week, if you want to grow more in your religion read more books,fellowship online/phone.

6. HEALTHY WEIGHT GOALS personally find that when Iam in my work office I am constantly offered food several times a day which can often mess up my meal plan,whilst at home, I can stick

to meal plans as well exercising without distractions.


Every so often not only at the beginning and end of the year, but it is important to assess all the relationships in your life from romantic, friendships, business and figure out if they are beneficial to. Having different views does not mean that the person is bad, but perhaps just not for you, you can use this time to write down the people in your life and asses their purpose. 8. VOLUNTEER/ACTIVISM

get involved in supporting your community locally and globally, even if you just help family,friends, the homeless as well as those who live abroad in impoverished countries. Have you ever thought that you can eliminate the suffering of others by volunteering?


Do you get down because you feel a though career wise, you are not where you want to? news flash even when you reach the peak of your career you probably will still be fulfilled. I believe true happiness comes from bringing joy to those who are less fortunate than you, something money can not provide. Discover your true life purpose.

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