2020 dating let’s face it is a bit of a train wreck! I know I I sound very pessimistic!

Trust me I will always try and find the positive EVERYTHING,but dating today is different.

We live in an era where people can swipe left on their lunch break during work and have a date within

20 mins! So many men today are not exactly short of meeting women they don’t have to go out to bars, parties, supermarkets anymore you name to meet people!

If I had a penny for every time a friend said

me "It was going so well, we had a connection

I see it going somewhere," however, one day he just disappears! YES just disappears! You may think you are the only one being ghosted, well let me tell you are not. When someone ghosts you their actions usually have nothing to do with you!

Reasons maybe Ghosting you :

  • Become bored of you

  • You are the other Women

  • So many other dating options

  • Your standards are too high

  • Insecure and intimidated

  • Found someone connected with

Ghosts, in my opinion, are cowards they do not have the guts to confront you! some ghost you when they are seeing other people, or are intimidated by you. People that ghost are emotionally unavailable cowards remember you deserve better! When people show you who they believe them!