Enish Lewisham

So Enish in Lewisham is actullly very different to Enish Brixton. First of all it is a lot large and has

a large outdoor spacing coverd to fit in with the current Covid-19 protection rules.

DECOR It feels more of a family scene,whereas Brixton is more of a bar scene environment or dates.Very spacious includes on tables door bells to contact waitress staff and downstairs toilets as well as an upstairs and outside seating space.


Same local and popular Nigerian and west African dishes from Tilapia fish grilled and soup, along with spicy rice and goats meats etc along with oft drinks and local and Nigerian specialist drinks.


Very quick and efficient and polite, press a buzzer and they will attend immediate they have several staff that are close by to help. I recommend this place especially for those who live local to South East the prices are reasonable as well and the portions.

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