Enish Brixton

This place has such extraordinary energy, it is smaller than the Enish branch in Lewisham it is smaller than the Enish branch in Lewisham.


Includes a sidebar and a few tables, at the end of the room a toilet an ideal place for a date or a dinner

before a night out with friends. closes at 1 am so perfect for dinner and pre-night

out drinks.

FOOD Nigerian dishes for me are very adventurous and out of my comfort zone. Normally I eat basic chicken at Jollof rice in Nigerian restaurants. My dish was spicy goat meat and Jollof rice plantain and

a side portion of salad. My date ate Tilapia a spicy fish with soup plantain and salad.

Our dishes were extremely spicey even though I request not too much spice.For drinks, we drank Nigerian beer STAR. Overall the food was great cooked to perfection and seasoned well with very reasonable portion sizes, however, the downside the food spicey food. Enish is a little bit more pricey than your average African restaurant,although, the quality of food and service is worthwhile.


Was very good, the staff were very quick and efficient very friendly, and went above and beyond to make us happy.

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