English Grammar!

So as you all may know my lessons are based mainly on speaking, however, I may carry out occasional basic grammar during lessons if students require me to.

I was raised in South London, throughout

my time in School I remember there was more emphasis on English literature and not the English Language. For instance Romeo an Juliet, Macbeth, of Mice and Men etc. Grammar exercises were not emphasized.


Grammar exercises were not emphasized throughout school, only simple tenses,as well as punctuation and structure.

Right throughout my further Education studies College and University unless you attended a high ranking University.

In addition and studied subjects such as Teaching, Journalism, Media, Medicine degrees your Grammar was unlikely to improve except for if you chose to read or obtain extra learning independently.

I obtained a BA (Hons) Marketing degree a course I enjoyed immensely, however when my course work and exams were marked the focus was on my knowledge of the subject rather than Grammar. I can not say this is the case for every University, however, that was the case at the University I attended.

When I worked in Barcelona at a Language school it was the first time in years that I had to assess my Grammars. Native speakers speak without thinking about the grammar rules, so having to learn how to explain the grammar rules can be challenging.

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