E-BOOKs,Travel/English Idioms

Finally, I have managed to complete my E-books, after so many sleepless nights as well non-stop book referencing.

A Travel E-book is something I have always wanted to create, travelling is my biggest passion Iam constantly asked by family and friends for travel advice, preparation. I believe this E-book will be the best way to provide my travel advice. I knew that creating an E-book would be challenging,but it was worth it in the end!

Although I am not a professional writer, the demographic group for the Travel E-book is English learners. Idioms are such a vital part of the English language, often used whilst speaking.

Every language contains idioms, however, for language learners it can take some time to master.

there is a link below to purchase both of my E-books.

  • English Idioms

  • Travel Guide

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