I plan to Move To Barcelona

From the first time I stepped foot in Barcelona I knew I would go back,I have lost count how many times

I have been.I just love everything about Barcelona, even the bad lol. You will fall in love with Barcelona an intoxicating city that epitomizes the heart of Cataluña.


After my first trip to Barcelona in 2014 for a weekend girls trip break, afterwoods I was back every month.

I simply fell in love and connected to the city. The original plan was to go to North Africa or Turkey, however, the flights were sold out, we were looking for trips on www.wowcher .com, the only holidays

left were to Spain I was not interested in going, but my friend persuaded me. In 2015 I decided to move

to Barcelona with no influence from family and friends and it was the best decision of my life such a growth period for me, spiritual has never been the same since I lived in Barcelona. Check out my blog ://www.speaksofidence.com/post/my-first-time-in-Barcelona


The lifestyle in Barcelona is so much more laid back compared to London, I walked daily for miles, compared to london where I I rarely walked long distances and used public transport mainly.

Barcelona city is very vibrant and busy, however, in comparison to London, it is small. It is very

common to see local Spanish people exercising in the street, a healthy lifestyle is very important for them. Barcelona like many Spanish cities practice siesta which means a break during the day from work normally between 2-5 pm, the tourist parts of the city tend to remain open throughout the day, although outside of the center, siestsa is still practiced. My experience with the locals has been very good they are warm friendly willing to help with directions or when I am in need of support with my spanish speaking.


It is common to see people in Spain of all ages cycling, running, and exercising in the street, the

Spanish tend to lead a healthy lifestyle,the Spanish take pride in their health. Although the Spanish diet consists highly of eating a lot of reading meat, bread, and other carbs, the Spanish tend to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Although the city of Barcelona is a little pricey compared to the outskirts, it is still a lot more affordable than living in London. Although London wages pay a lot more because the cost of living in London is


The social life is amazing in barcelona find restaurants, bars, clubs, nightlife and popular destinations where you can meet like-minded people and form strong social networks. parks, beaches and sporting venues, together with information about how to get there and when to go.

I am just waiting for the right moment to make my move,here are a few reasons why I will move :

1. Weather
2  Low cost of living
3  Beaches
4. Social life
5  Multicultural
6. Social life cheap
7. Laidback lifetyle
8. Several Bank holidays
9. Friendly Locals
10.Easy Travel to other Cities
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