DERRICK JAXN(Relationship Coach Cheating)

So let me start by saying for a while now I have been put off by most relationship/life coaches particularly Male relationship coaches popular among women. It was a natural transition for me I felt as though the majority of relationship videos are very generic, not broad enough advice provided as no situation or couple is the same.


I watched most of the video clip of Derrick and his wife addressing the cheating he admitted to. It is hard to judge a whole relationship solely on cheating (my opinion). Of course, because of the line of work he does he will always be held to a higher standard as he is putting himself out there and coaching vulnerable women with low self-esteem or those seeking general relationship advice.

Relationship coaches, friends/family are not always the answer, sometimes we have to trust our voice.


Every single relationship on this earth has some issues, those couples who say they do not are in complete denial. My issue is not that Derrick Jaxyn cheated,it is because of his platform where he has condemned on several occasions men who have cheated. If he was open about his mishaps before or during his videos then cool, I can only respect him for his honesty and also everyone is entitled to a second chance. Being open and vulnerable about our flaws humanizes us, and does not mean we are unable to give

relationship advice. Genuine viewers will like your transparency and feel more connected to you.


Tony Gaskins another relationship coach has been transparent from day one.

From day one has been open about the fact that he was a big womanizer and had slept with over 100 women before his wife and he also cheated. People still listen to and respect him. So my point is due to his platform and what he is preaching there should be some consequences like him stepping down from making online relationship videos for some time and putting his family first because truly his wife did not look like she wanted to be there.


do what works best for you and your mate, even your closest friend or family member should not be able to dictate what you do in your relationship. Everyone was raised differently with unique life experiences. They are not your relationship therapist, here is something else to consider: It’s hard for family and friends to forgive your partner for their wrong doings. Even when you have forgiven your partner for lying or cheating, they will not. Your friends or family members will bring up “the last time you forgave him, he did …” or “Remember, when he said …”

I have no intention of judging this couple. My goal is to encourage people to not rely on life/relationship coaches for everything they are also human at the end of the day. Cheating for some is the end, for another couple a hurdle they can get through. I pray this couple is genuinely over their rough patch as they are married with children. Divorce is always difficult and the last resort for many.

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