Day In Marmaris

I have visited Turkey before Istanbul and had the most amazing time. Marmaris was a day trip with my friend. we took a ferry from Rhodos.


I was in Rhodes with a friend when our hotel informed us that for only 30 euros we were able

to take a ferry to Marmaris for 1 day. The ferry only took about 1 hour from Rhodes to Turkey.

MARMARIS was so stunning! I have never seen such clear Blue water in my life. The sun was

beautiful first thing in the morning it was a dream! We smoked Shisha drank some beers I can not remember if we ate or not .

Marmaris is a place I would recommend, however, I would avoid going during the busy tourists as you will not be able to experience the beautiful Turkish culture. Have you been to Marmaris?

Comment below :)

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