So this was the first time that I had been out to eat since lockdown so we were beyond excited!

Cottons in Shoreditch was wanted to dine outside of South East London. Although

a lot of restaurants, bars were closed down due to Covid-19, Shoreditch still had a good vibe.


A decent-sized restaurant with colourful paintings & sculptures. We were seated 2 meters apart from other diners, we also had to order food from our phones.


Very average did not have the authentic Caribbean taste, it looks. Both ordered the same dish mixed grill with rice and peas and coleslaw. The coleslaw tasted very basic. The dishes were reasonably priced, however, the menu was not authentically Caribbean, was very much like a Weatherspoon pub menu in my opinion.


Was ok they were polite and the food was cooked very quickly, however, I'm sure it was because restaurants had just reopened since covid. overall experience was ok, I believe before covid it would have been a lot better.


Highly recommended it is situated in a vibrant and trendy place Shoreditch, the interior decor is lovely.

Great service even during Covid-19, however, the food is mediocre Caribean food a little bland tasting

and not authentically seasoned.

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