CANCELLED 2020 Dubai,Barcelona,Uganda,

So unless you have been in a coma you must be aware of the current GLOBAL EPIDEMIC that COVID- 19 has caused, the majority of countries are currently on lockdown and that will continue for how long we currently don't know just watching the news for updates.

DUBAI 2020

A group of 10 of us had booked a trip to Dubai end of May we were so excited, I had already

paid for my flight including a deposit for my hotel. When we first heard about the virus we had

no idea the magnitude that it became. Once we had to work from home as lockdown was put in place,

From March Dubai has been on complete lockdown also, March 25th Emirates cancelled our flights.

Unable to receive refunds for our flights, only vouchers. At first, I was annoyed, however, our health and safety is a priority, we can always go to Dubai another time, still a huge disappointment to us all


Ever since 2014 I have travelled to Barcelona, I have made good friends in Barcelona and some live abroad now, although we meet every year in Barcelona. I adore this place I feel so free and always have a blast, I plan to one day buy a holiday home there.


I promised my Grandmother I would be back to see her so I want to honour that promise, plus I have so many other important relatives in Uganda and I simply love Uganda.

There will always be other opportunities to travel, I just pray for those who have lost a loved one or are currently fighting this illness. Also as well as those who are suffering during this lockdown period especially children. There has been a rise in domestic abuse incuding children,please contact :

"In the UK, call the national domestic abuse helpline on 0808 2000 247, or visit Women’s Aid."
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