Bocconcino Mayfair

Since March Covid-19 has changed our entire existence globally including in the UK. My best friend and I were beyond excited to dine out in the capital after so long. My friend decided to choose this place for us to celebrate her birthday.


A modern style restaurant 3 stories tall a bar/restaurant room downstairs that includes a DJ and very bright engaging lights perfect for pre-dinner nights out. Decor including floor-length trendy chandeliers warm grey tones. The upstairs room is a lot smaller with very dim lights and no DJ perfect for a date and small gatherings.


Not very impressed by the food it was too basic, very similar to a pizza express menu, although I believe that Pizza express menu is better. Bocconcino is found in the heart of trendy Mayfair so I expected the menu to include a lot more choice especially the starters it was very bland. I ended up choosing a pizza and for starters a salad very basic and expensive.


Is decent the waiters were polite and had to deal with 6 people's orders and I believe they did a great job! During our time in the restaurant, we were assigned with 2 waiters who looked after us all night, although

we did not tip as the food was ok.


If you are looking for a fabulous location a restaurant with stunning decor where you can take fabulous pics then this is the place. However, if you are looking for top-notch cuisine and mouth-watering food I suggest you look elsewhere.

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