Bitter People

Trust me I have had my fair share of life drama in the past, I understand the scars that it can leave, however, I do not believe that people should pass on their negative experiences to others, they need to get to a place where past hurts are dealt with.

I also realize that bitter people forever complain about their choice of men not being attracted to them and that’s why they are single, not because they have unrealistic lists of things a man should have including 3 PHDs, no children perfect credit, etc lol. Here are some traits below of bitter people.


Bitter people often use intense sarcasm to express their thoughts, which often turns into cynicism. Talking to them sometimes feels like there is not a single thing in this world that can make them happy. This type of attitude can be a real mood-killer, right?

Holding grudges

It’s quite common for bitter people to hold grudges. That’s because they cannot simply let things go and move on. Instead, they often become obsessed with their grudges and forever despise their ex lovers who’ve wronged them.


This behavioral pattern can also be observed in the bitter people’s personalities. As they feel like the whole world is against them, they can often get jealous of others who seem to have it all. For instance, when their co-workers are scoring achievements at work or in life, bitter people can experience severe jealousy and even try to undermine the other person’s success. They just can’t stand seeing someone happy while they’re feeling more than miserable.

Expressing their bitterness

Sour people can hardly ever keep their bitterness for themselves. They want everyone to know how unfair life is towards them. It sometimes appears as if they want people to see how miserable they are and to feel sorry for them. Oftentimes when they’re expressing their negativity, their presence can be quite toxic to be around.


Bitter people are constantly complaining about something, aren’t they? Nothing seems to be ever right in their life. It’s always too sunny or too gloomy outside. The traffic is always horrible, and the radio puts on the worst songs when they’re driving. Their relatives are the most annoying people on Earth. There is always something that irritates them, regardless of the situation they’re in.

Never happy for others

This personal trait of bitter people has a lot to do with jealousy. Telling someone a simple ‘Congratulations!’ is not usual for them, as they would rather roll their eyes and undermine this person’s success. Of course, they sometimes have their moments of being happy for someone else, but only if this someone stands above them career like, or if they are going to gain something out of it.

"Part of what makes bitterness a complex emotion is that it also includes disappointment, or the experience of having been disappointed as a pattern of behavior over time. Disappointment, is a complex emotion, too, because disappointment involves sadness, but it also includes other layers."

Life can be really hard at times and the idea is not to feel bogged down by it. Some people give in to the hopelessness and become bitter towards most things. Allowing yourself to be bitter is bad for your health. Negativity keeps life at a standstill. Overall I think bitterness stems from low self esteem and past trauma whether identified or not. The good news is I believe it can be cured once the individual recognizes this and seek help for their insecurities.

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