Back Yard Grill The Village Resturant Halton Court (Kidbrooke)

Kidbrooke has changed entirely since I was last there several years back, there are several new build stunning apartments, restaurants, and supermarkets as the old housing estates were broken down.

Kidbrooke village looks a lot like North Greenwich.

Restaurant Decor

Very big and quite bland, no pictures entities that represent Jamaican culture looks like a basic hotel lobby restaurant resembling Weatherspoon, although the restaurant is fairly new. So I will give them

the benefit of the doubt. The restaurant is connected to a close bar and apartment.


The food was very very basic a very similar taste to Weatherspoon type pub food, not a Caribbean experience. I chose a jerk burger that contained beef patty mince, cheese BBQ sauce, onions, tomato

& lettuce with jerk seasoning. fries and an as a starter mozzarella sticks with a breaded coat. My friend chose curry goat, rice and peas plantain, and BBQ jerk chicken wings.


Very good the waiter was very polite and attentive constantly checking up on us and suggesting food on the menu.


A fairly decent restaurant, however, it has just opened so there still refurbish the place as well as adding to the menu, and more promoting. If you are looking for a local restaurant with basic food to enjoy then this is the place, however, it does not have an authentic Caribbean feel.

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