20'S vs 30'S

It seems like yesterday I was in my 20's, however, the reality is it was some time ago lol. Our 20's we

can party all night and head straight to work, live on takeaways without gaining weight or feeling fatigue. Able to attend every single social event last minute plus having small standards when it comes to dating.

However, your 30's, circle decreases rapidly left only with those you share common interests with.

Several weeks notice is required to attend events, and you focus alot on a healthy lifestyle.

30's dating standards are higher, so anyone who does not meet your credentials is a no-no. Furniture/homeware shopping is more appealing then clothe shopping, savings account is so much more impressive than impulsive shopping sprees. Gone are days of hour-long daily calls with family/friends.


20's you have so many friends to count as well as always social buddies. 30's your large group of friends disappear causing you to become selective of your circle.

20's avoid wearing particular clothes due to body insecurities. 30's loving your entire body flaws and all.

Social Life

20's non-stop energy attend every event, a few nights per week, plus the weekends,

including no hangover. 30's normally a whole day is needed to recover from a night out, arriving back

home after 11 pm is super wild. Several weeks notice is required before meeting friends.


20's standards for dating are very small,mostly physical attraction no real expectations.

30's need a list of credentials for dating.

20's clothes, makeup, social life is all very important and a large sum of our paycheck spent on these unessential things. 30's spending money on homeware is more appealing as well as saving for what you need, rather than want.

Not Caring What People Think

20's Living life based on societal,family and expectations while feeling unhapy in the process.

30's living life on one elses term,while being your true authentic self.

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