10 Ways To Successfully Find English Learners

There are many ways to find English learners to support them with their English language skills.

Finding the right learners is not always an easy task, however, I have summarised a few ways to help locate learners.

  1. Facebook Langauge Groups several Facebook groups cater to beginners, with low-level English, whilst others focus on language exchanges with English native speakers. Facebook business pages also can appeal to learners.

2. Instagram is easy to navigate and promote your services at the same time. Potential learners can find you or you can follow potential learners.

3 .Supermarkets: Advertising boards are a great way to promote your English support services.

4. Meetup groups: run your English language groups is a very popular site consisting of many


5. Word of mouth will never be out of style as a way to inform family/friends about your services.

6. Libaries consist of English support help a great place to advertise your services on display boards which will attract English learners .

8. Use local listing gumtree many English learners and very easy to operate.

9. SEO your website to broaden your website exposure and google rankings internationally

In language training, the most successful ways to market a strong and content-filled web site, newsletters, and social media. Get partners: language immersion schools traditionally sell through agents.

10 . Start a Blog and share on social media pages and ask people to subscribe to create a following.


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